Tenth anniversary of the death of Hugo Chavez

251 Queensberry Street Carlton (AMWU)
Duration: 2 hr
Public Anyone on or off Facebook
Light refreshments provided.
The Documentary “Chavez” will be shown.
The event will commemorate his life and work, what this
means for Venezuela now and in the future, what the world can learn from this, and what Australia can do to make a positive contribution.
Hugo Chavez, who was elected president of Venezuela in 1998, carried out policies that benefited the Venezuelan people, particularly the poor.
He used Venezuela’s oil wealth to bring health care, education and other services to poor areas.
He encouraged the self-organisation of the people in democratic local organisations known as communes, supporting giving the people a voice.
Chavez survived attempts by the United States, backing the oligarchy to overthrow him, including a military coup, and other means.

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