Join the May Day activities in Melbourne for 2023

Help continue the struggle for a better world.

The history of May Day, is the history of workers fighting for a better way of life, decent pay and conditions, a society free from war, and a society that meets all the needs of the people.

Last year in 2022, the Australian people convincingly removed the Morrison Government, one of the worst Governments in Australia in living memory. That was a great victory.

Today, May Day continues, fighting for worker’s rights, democracy, a peaceful world, for our 1st Nation Peoples Rights and to help save the globe from environmental destruction.

Please Join Us On May Day And Encourage Others To Join As Well.

May Day is a unique opportunity to come together around all of the issues affecting unions and community, to collectively support the working class, migrants, refugees and our First Nation Peoples.


Please start or continue organising your members and supporters for May Day! Get your posters, banners, vehicles and floats prepared. Please emphasise our demands to defend Worker’s  rights and legislate the right to strike and to picket.

Also, take the opportunity to shine a light on the terrible things being done to the people in many parts of the world by the big powers, by imperialism, things that are leading to war and aggression, to attacks on human and democratic rights and to the terrible plunder of the worlds’ people.

The May Day events for 2003 are:

*A memorial to workers who won the 8- hour day, and other gains since. This will take place at the 8 hour memorial at 5pm, on Thursday 4th of May right opposite the Victorian Trades Hall.

  • An international solidarity event will take place beginning at 6pm on Thursday 4th of May, in the Trades Hall basement. You will hear speakers on important struggles in various parts of the world. Come and give your solidarity.

The May Day March and Rally will take place on Sunday May 7th.

Assemble at 1.30 pm outside the Trades Hall

Leave 2pm to march around the city and then return to the Trades Hall


  • Prior to the march Starting 1pm there will be stalls, a BBQ, speakers on important major topics and community singing working class songs

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