Videos: Ecuador protests force president to leave capital and in Colombia students march against corruption and repression

Ecuador remains paralyzed, as mobilisations against the government of president Lenin Moreno intensify. The cause is unrest over the imposition of austerity measures, and allegations of corruption and repression.

Video from Guardian News

Clashes with the police and the army and an occupation of the National Assembly, mainly by indigenous people, resulted in the president moving his government away from the capital and the imposition of a military curfew.

Video from FRANCE 24

Despite the serious risk, protesters are still going out into the streets. The situation remains very tense.

Video from Ruptly

In Colombia, what began as a student protest against university corruption, became a strike against police violence that has led to the death of some students.

The strike began with a peaceful march, as can be seen in the the video below of 3 October.

Video from Ruptly

But after the government vowed to crush the student strike everything changed.

Video from NewsClickin

The leaders of the two countries and their administrations are pivotal to United States policy in Latin America. Growing instability is becoming another nightmare for Washington.

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