Video: Families demand answers about debts Centrelink says are owed by disability pensioners

Centrelink’s robo debt stem is continuing to hurt Australians. Here are some examples that show the situation is getting worse, even though there is widepread recognition that the debts are often false, unfair and punish innocent vulnerable people. Failure to to put stop to this reveals we have a government short on compassion an big on cash grabbing for what it considers more important purposes.

Staff are pressured to be money collectors and this becomes part of the their performance assessment. Stuart Robert, minister for Government Services is interviewed and he comes up with the usual platitudes about contacting Centrelink, completely ignoring that that a big part of the problems is the long delays and lack of responsiveness.

This is deliberate and there’s not intention to change anything.

This and the report below are quite soft on the government, in terms of directly challenging the practice. Nevertheless, they remain quite revealing.

It is a human rights issue that must be put an end to.

Video from ABC News (Australia)

Centrelink accused of chasing debts that don’t exist

Video from ABC News (Australia)

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