The Israeli attacks on Palestinians are a crime against humanity

By Joe Montero

The deliberate murder of Palestinians by the Israeli state is being sanitised and those who take part in this, condone or turn a blind eye to it, might as well be pulling the trigger themselves.

To overlook the snipers shooting unarmed civilians, the rain of tear gas canisters from vehicles and overhead drones, to treat the human toll as something of little consequence, is an exercise in moral bankruptcy and disregard for the suffering of fellow human beings. It is even worse, when those at the receiving end are blamed for it. Sadly, we are seeing a lot of this sort of behaviour.

At one time, the sending of Jewish people into prison camps and the gas chambers was made light of in the same way by a similar politicians and controllers of media. The sins of the past are being repeated today.

What do we get? Brazen images of a smiling Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulating the military for a job well done. American president Donald Trump the  enabler of the massacre, callously comments when pressed, if some Palestinians are injuredand even killed, they had it coming to them and its their fault.  At the same time, he claims that he is working for peace.  The line is lapped up by the tabloids and presenting on the screens.

Yesterday. On the day of the embassy move ceremony, 58 Palestinians died and at least 1.350 were injured, mostly by rifle fire. And these are Israeli figures.

On the scene report during the earlier part of the killings on 15 May.
Video from Democracy Now!

The one thing that is never mentioned, is that what has been happening on the ground at Gaza is not random. The attacks are systematic. They are not random and  can only occur if this is a planned strategy, devised at the highest levels, then  ordered to be carried out. To pass this off as a defensive action carried out by the Israeli military is an act of dishonesty. If it had been, there would be casualties on the Israeli side.There were none.

Only one conclusion makes sense. The chilling reality is that this is a military strategy used by the Israeli leadership, backed by its supporters and cruelly delivered from a distance. The purpose is to create a major provocation. Moving the embassy on the very day that marks the anniversary that marks the anniversary of Palestinians dispossession from their land is no accident and deliberately engineered to insult and inflame passions.

The Gazans, who have been confined in what is really a giant concentration camp, have reason to be angry about their situation. Who wouldn’t be in similar circumstances?

As the dead are buried today, the Israeli military assault has been taken was taken into Ramallah, which is the Gazan capital.
Video from RT

Making photo shoots of Ivanka Trump are more important; filling our heads with images of politicians celebrating the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem; Narrowing the scope, so that we don’t see what else is going on, is to be a participant in this strategy and have blood on your hands.

Trump’s decision to move the American embassy has been nothing short of a deliberate provocation. Doubly so when timed to be on the anniversary of Palestinians dispossession from their land. There can be absolutely no doubt that this was deliberate insult and provocation, to promote violence. What could be the possible reason for this? To find a justification to extend ongoing military action, that’s what.

None of this would happen, were it not the Palestinians are not regarded as being something less than human beings. Deny someone humanity and their suffering are of no consequence. A dehumanised people are not accorded the right to dignity.

This is exactly how those in control of the Western nations once treated those it conquered, those transported into slavery, and yes, the Jews too, and called it being civilised.  Scratch the surface and not a great deal has changed.

Nevertheless, there are enough journalists and other eye witnesses with the courage to press through the wall of silence and reveal the truth.

The story is starting to filter through. We see  thousands of unarmed human beings, peacefully protesting the way in which they are being treated. They are disciplined and not attacking the soldiers. They have no guns. Perhaps one or two youths are found themselves carried away and thrown a stone form a distance. But this is a long way from being a security threat that warrants a lethal response. For the Palestinians to use violent means in the present circumstances, would be to play into the hands of the Israeli political authorities. They are not so stupid.

It is the thousands who have been involved in obviously peaceful protest that have drawn nearly all of the fire. Their crime has been to stand up, and it is act that is turning the tide.

Most of the world has condemned the cruelty and called for an end to it. This has been reflected in the United Nations.

The murder must be stopped. This requires an international response. It is beginning, but it still needs a greater effort to silence the guns and compel a just resolution.

UN condemns Israel
Video from Guardian News



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