Expansion of Tindall air base may bring us closer to war

From the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN)

The Federal Government has announced a $1.1 billion upgrade to the Northern Territory’s RAAF Base Tindal in a bid to expand Australia and the United States’ air force capabilities into the Indo-Pacific.

The majority of the money will be used to extend the runway and build new storage facilities – which will allow the base to accommodate larger aircraft such as Australian refuelling aircraft and US long-range bombers.

IPAN spokesperson, Stephen Darley says:” Providing the runway and fuel facilities for United States long range strategic bombers such as the B1’s and B52’s increases the military presence of the US in the NT.

Together with the stationing of 2,500 U.S. Marines in Darwin, this is setting up the NT as an Indo-Pacific base for US military operations, drawing Australia further into the war plans of the US aimed at China”

Both the stationing of US troops in Darwin and providing the facilities for US strategic Bombers at Tindal are under-written by the Force Posture Agreement between the US and Australia signed in 2014.

It facilitates the US military’s unimpeded access to our airfields and ports for their air-force and navy and for the stationing in Australia of their troops, munitions, fuel and spare parts.

USAF F22s at RAAF Tindal taking part in the agreement to involve Australia more deeply in US military actions in other countries

IPAN continues to urge the Australian Government to terminate the Force Posture agreement and regain the sovereignty and security which we have forfeited in signing this military agreement which takes us step by step into yet another disastrous war scenario with the United States.

The IPAN spokesperson continued:

“The US strategic long-distance bombers can carry nuclear weapons. The Australian government should tell the Australian people whether it has given permission to the US to bring and store nuclear weapons into Australia.

“At a time when there is a United Nations effort through its Treaty to ban nuclear weapons, it would be a step back into the nuclear “dark ages” for the Australian government, which is under pressure to sign the Treaty, to allow the US to bring nuclear weapons into Australia or into our airspace.”

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