Using the Corona virus to vilify Chinese people is wrong

By Ben Wilson

The way in which the Corona virus is being dealt with by some nations is a disgrace. Although it originated in China, it is not their fault. It can happen anywhere.

Given that China houses one fifth of the world’s population, mostly concentrated in heavily populated areas, new viruses have a higher chance of beginning there.

As the world becomes smaller due to increased global travel and the climate warms, the risk of viral outbreaks rises. The international community is far from ready to meet this threat.

It is worse when a particular outbreak is used as a political weapon. This hides the truth ad makes the threat more dangerous. This is exactly what is being done with the Corona virus, and Australia is in the thick of it.

Don’t isolate China, isolate the Virus
Video from Thomas

The outbreak must be dealt with. There is no question about it. This requires a reasoned and measured response, which concentrates on helping those in need, not treating them as lepers were once treated, and taking preventative measures to stop its spread.

Credit must be given to the the tremendous effort China is making. Millions emergency services and volunteered in their millions have been mobilised, to join the fight to stop the spread.

New hospitals have been built in days. A major hygiene campaign is being carried out. Citizens wear preventative masks and wash and disinfect their hands regularly. Streets and buildings are being decontaminated. Respources are pumped into the research effort to find out how the virus operates and come up with a cure.

China’s actions against the corona virus are being strongly praised in the West by medical professionals, led by the WHO
Video from CCTV Asia Pacific

Instead of treating Chinese people like a disease, other countries could learn from the example, put in the resourced needed, to ensure the outbreak is dealt with quickly and thoroughly everywhere.

The situation calls for a proper perspective. Not exaggerating the danger of Coronavirus out of all proportion. This has happened and it’s got to stop.

Some people have died. This is bad. The infection is serious., with a relatively high number of those infected hospitalised. But this should not hide the fact that the mortality rate is quite low. Compare a 100 odd deaths with the 30,000 death toll in the United States alone for the last flu season.

This tells us that much more must be done on a global and national scales, to contain the outbreak of viruses. It is not happening. Politicising Corona is taking attention away from the need to step up.

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