Events in the United State become increasingly sinister and protests begin in Australia

Joe Montero

The United States continues to be rocked by the consequences of the murder of George Floyd and pent up anger over other deep social and economic divisions. Curfews are failing to have an effect most of the time, and American society starts to propel towards rapid militarisation.

President Donald Trump has pulled an old law against rebellion to prepare the ground to invoke the use of the armed forces against the civilian population. There is a question mark over the constitutional legality of this. Regardless, military helicopters have already been used to help to disperse crowds.

Events in the United States are starting to have an effect on Australia, where there is the long-standing matter of black deaths in custody. Race hate politics has also been escalating here as well, directed at those with a background in the Middle east, Africa and now Asia.

A big rally took place in Sydney yesterday to demand action on black deaths in custody and to support the movement in the United States. A similar rally is coming up in Melbourne on Saturday. More will take place in other cities.

Meanwhile in the United States, police are being authorised to use escalating violence to clear the streets. This is not force directed against violent protesters and looters in the main. The brunt of it is being used against peaceful protests, and the list of injuries is growing.

Cops shot me in the head

Police violence and racial profiling are also escalating in neighbourhoods. A case where a black man was arrested just walking down the street, backfired. He is an FBI agent and the arrest was filmed on mobile phone.

Video from Islas Canarias

The violent response strategy is being accompanied by a massive propaganda effort to portray the movement sweeping the nation as deserving severe punishment and being led by dangerous and sinister groups.

Under this cover, the level of police violence is escalating. The use of tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades has become standard practice. Individuals are being targeted and fired on at close range.

There is evidence that under cover police have been involved in preparing stockpiles of rocks, posing as protesters, and acting as provocateurs. The following video seems to back this allegation

Video from DMStavi

Along with the undercover police, white supremacist groups have been organising their members to infiltrate George Floyd marches and stir up trouble, including the attacking of police and looting. The message they have been sending out through social media is that this is an opportunity to stir up the division of American society and bring about their type of society more quickly.

Much of the media reporting is embedded, failing to go much further than reporting official handouts. Even the fact that more than 100 journalists have been targeted to date is mostly left out of the narrative.

Dozens of US journalists say they’ve been targeted and attacked by the police

Video from NowThis News

Consequently, more journalists are now beginning to question what is going on and are exerting pressure on the network they work for to do a better job of reporting.

Pro-Trump vigilante groups are organising to beat up protesters. turning up with baseball bats and other weapons, and it is likely that there will be more of this is in the coming days.

Many of these are the same people who only weeks ago, marched on public buildings carrying guns and using threats to force officials to remove the Coronavirus lock downs. Trump supported them, and not a single one faces police charges.

Pro-Trump vigilantes armed for violence gathering to oppose George Floyd Rally

Far-right ‘boogaloo’ militants have embedded themselves in the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis: ‘They want their civil war’

This is an extremely dangerous situation, threatening to plunge the United States into a dark age.

It is not all one way though. Many are resisting. The continued defiance in the streets has brought out the truth for all the world to see, and it is this that is bringing the truth to light.

Meanwhile, more police are are pulling in the other direction and showing their support for the protesters

Video from The Telegraph


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