US looking for a way to stay in Afghanistan

By Joe Montero

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin has said the Biden administration wants to see “a responsible end” to America’s longest war.

What does this mean? It means a shift from leaving as was agreed, to finding way to stay in Afghanistan. This is the strategy to rebuild and maintain global superiority.

To the north, Afghanistan borders the Caucuses, Iran in the West, and China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region in the East. On top of this, Joe Biden has always been a supporter of this war. It remains at the forefront of Washington’s foreign policy.

American ambitions in these theatres, is served, by a continuing presence in Afghanistan. Militarily and diplomatically, the war has been a disaster. As has been the one in Iraq. Both contributed to the support and nurturing on al Qaeda and then Islamic State. It did not go well.

Afghans turned to the Taliban, which has proved to be the only force capable of succeeding in the battlefield. Now that it is poised to return to government, it has no taste for a continued American presence.

The American controlled operation, existing under the banner of NATO, is regarded as an army of occupation. It has almost no support.

Donald Trump favoured cutting the losses and focusing attention to other places. The new Joe Biden administration seeks a way to remain.

and has declared that it will not abide by the year-old agreement to pull out by 1 May this year.

This is the reason for Lloyd Austin’s visit.

The excuse given for remaining is continuing violence. However, it was US Secretary of State Antony Blinken who spelt it out. He said the Taliban will make quick territorial gains if there is a pull out.

Photo from AP: Violence in Afghanistan is a consequence of the American occupation and war

no doubt, Washington would at least like to see a government of its choosing in Kabul. One that it can continue to influence.

The Taliban’s response is predicably hostile. Suhail Shaheen, a negotiator for the Taliban told reporters: “it will be a kind of violation of the agreement. That violation would not be from our side … Their violation will have a reaction.”

There is a real possibility of continuing war. This will involve nations within the U.S. orbit, including Australia. It will continue destabilising the region, which poses a threat to the world.

Trying to continue the occupation to remain, ignores that the people of Afghanistan want an an end to war. They aksi want to choose their own future.

This is the democracy trumpeted by Washington. Democracy that comes down the barrel of a gun.

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