Video: Israeli airstrikes have been targeting civilian neighbourhoods in Gaza

Israel is continuing its war against Palestinian civilians in Gaza. A block of flats is repeatedly targeted by missiles (see bottom video clip). The victims are not combatants. In this case one man died and a woman lost her unborn child and toddler son. This raid carried out last week is only one instance of the continuing bombardment that is going on. There was conflict with Hamas and some missiles were fired into Israel. But it should be noted that was is a response to military action against civilians that has been continuous for some time.

Tin any case, there is no excuse for deliberately targeting non-combatants. It is the application of a policy of collective punishment, because the Palestinian population does not want to live under the boot. The Israeli government claims that these people want to destroy Israel. The reality is that all Palestinian political groups support its existence. They just want to be treated as equals and have their homeland.

UN leader condemns deadly Gaza school strike as ‘criminal act’
Video from euronews (in English)


Israeli leader Netanyahu defines terrorism and it looks like Israel


Video from The Young Turks

Video by Mohamed Mosleh






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