Video: Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro praises Cuba and China for help with Covid- 19

This is part of the 10 March report to doctors on the pandemic threat and Venezuela’s response. this was the nation’s Doctors Day.

Venezuela has been preparing for the likely outbreak of Covid- 19 in that country and is receiving help to overcome the embargo in medicines. Cuba and China have worked together, to lead the global response against the pandemic. The are succeeding, while other countries are relying on the big pharma companies to provide the answer. Cuba and China have adapted interferon, which has helped to cure thousands and brought about a dive in infection rates.

Video from Libert Mayea Linares

Venezuela Initiates Social Quarantine to Contain COVID-19

The quarantine was decided at the right time to avoid further spread of the virus. Read More.

Cuban technology has been important in the fight against to the pandemic in China and is available for other countries that need it

Video from TeleSur English

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