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Video: Rebel Diaz comes to Australia

Rebel Diaz are in Australia. The hip hoppers from the Bronx in New York, have performed with Public Enemy and Rage Against the Machine, with their hard hitting rebel songs. They use using music as an organising tool, and to spread knowledge about injustice, political resistance and political activism.

In March 2009, Rebel Diaz opened the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective (RDAC) in an abandoned warehouse in the Bronx, to be a community arts center, includeding a performance space, a multimedia studio, computer lab, and art gallery. These provided a space for young people to learn and perform, host workshops.

On 28 February 2013, the RDAC was forcefully evicted from the building at gun point. This ocurred in the context of a battle between developers and the Bronx community.

Rebel Diaz have become targets of the New York Police Department; experiencing armed raids arrest and charged, although none could be made to stick.

Australians can now hear them live, at the venues shown in the video clip below. There are also a few examples of their music.

Chicago Teacher

Video from Rebel Diaz

Work Like Chavez

Video from Rebel Diaz

Which Side Are You On?

Video from Rebel Diaz