Video: This has been the hallmark of the so-called Hongkong democracy protest movement

By Joe Montero

The following Footage was come via Reuters, which can hardly be considered pro-Chinese. What it shows is that, contrary to the images resented in the West, police were attacked. The remained almost stationary, certainly did not charge into the masked crowd, violently attacking them.

Video from CNA

While it is true that one person was shot in the chest at a different incident, it remains that this i only a small, although regrettable, part of the toll. Most of it has been suffered by opponents of this movement, of which there are many in Hongkong.

There is ample evidence that these protests have been funded and supported by the US administration, recruiting a section of Hongkong society, previously associated with and benefiting from the former British colonial establishment.

Differences in the economic fortunes between mainland China have been exploited. As the fortunes of the former grow, the Hongkong economy has been declining. This is the result of the “one nation two systems” agreement that was a precondition for the British leaving.

The spectacle of protesters carrying photos of Donald Trump, parading American flags and calling for a foreign invasion of Hongkong should be no surprise. Nor should the violent methods applied.

Hongkong’s protests have coincided with the new aggressivesnes of US foreign policy and the trade war being waged against China.

Although good people have for the time being been misled by the slogans, the undeniable reality is starting to show itself.

Protesters Attack Man in Hong Kong Subway Station

Video from VOA News

Whether one approves of the political system in China or not, it remains that the like of a large part of humanity has been lifted enormously and that China is leading the world in introducing a sustainable economy and society. Little credit is given for this in the West.

China celebrates 70 years of revolution
Video from teleSUR English

An indication of the determination of the Chinese to stand against attack was demonstrated in the National Day ceremony.

Anyone who knows anything about China knows that the unity of the nation is strong and there is a determination to stand up to foreign interference and those trying to turn back the clock.

This was shown at the spectacular ceremony in Beijing, which marked China’s National Day on 1 October.

The anti-China campaign is not going to succeed.

China’s national Day Ceremony

Video by RT

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