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Live Rebel Diaz concert on Saturday 11 July

Video by Rebel Diaz


New York based hispanic hip hop Rebel Diaz are about people organising and fighting injustice, working together and creating a new world. Their lyrics are moving draw the audience into what they are saying.

The event has been organised by the Latin American solidarity Campaign (LASNET) to raise funds to support indigenous political prisoners in Chile now on a hunger strike, political prisoners from the national uprising agianst the government, and to support community kitchens providing food for the poor and hungry.

The charge is $12.

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Fundraiser to help Esso workers at Longford

For more than a year, workers at Esso’s  gas plant at Longford in Victoria, have been  out of work and maintaining a permanent vigil outside the gate, over their refusal to accept a cut to a third of their wages, and a  roster that they say, would undermine their working conditions. These workers and their families are having a hard time of it, and need donations from supporters to help them get by.

Workers Solidarity in Melbourne has organised a trivia/auction fund raising event.

Book a table or for one. Come. Have some fun and  help raise some money.

Food provided, drinks available.

Keynote Speakers

Troy Carter, AMWU delegate and worker
Colin Long, Secretary of the NTEU Victoria

Event organised by Workers Solidarity.

On Tuesday 19 June 2018 at 6:30pm

At the AMWU  at 251 Queensberry St, Carlton South, Victoria 3053