Video: If we don’t work together we are going to die together

Roger Hallam talks about how the October Rebellion is based on the “movement of movements” theme and why this focus is crucial to our success. In his inimitable direct yet larrikin style, Roger emphasises that now is the time for all of us to unite, to put any ideological differences between us into their proper context and to suspend any animosity towards others with different points of view. Or as Roger puts it, “We don’t have time to be snotty”. Solidarity, unity in diversity, compassion and love for all life… these are our antidotes to the massive climate and ecological crisis that confronts us.

Video by Extinction Rebellion

Fiery protests erupt West Papua

Febriana Firdaus reports (Al Jazeera 19 August 2019) about what happened in West Papua during Indonesia’s Independence Day. West Papuans are fighting the occupation of  their home. The unrest begun after Indonesian soldiers taunted students with racial comments, fired tear gas and arrested many rof raing the banned Morning Star flag. Despite years of suppression, it is clear that the independence movement is gaining strength and the participation of larger numbers of West Papuans. Continue reading Fiery protests erupt West Papua

Official site of the May Day Committee (Malbourne)

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