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Assange should come home to Australia now

The following by Julian Assange and WikiLeaks legal advisor, solicitor Greg Barns, and published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 2 June 2018, provides a case for intervention by the Australian government, for the protection of an Australian citizen. Assange’s position is becoming increasingly critical, with mounting pressure on the Ecuadorean government to hand him over to British authorities. This would result in his extradition to the United States for political reasons. Below this article is a brief comment on the support for Julian Assange from Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame and prominent journalist John Pilger, and coming actions in Sydney, London and Dublin.

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Video: This is a future to fight for

Here is a call from the activist online organisation GNU, for Australians to come together to build an economy that works for everyone, not the one percent. It is suggested that this is a good time to be bold, meet the big challenges and put forward real concrete measures work towards a better future and deliver what we want. We do not need to accept a failing economy, which does not deliver fairness and what we need to pursue our potential as individuals and as a society. Continue reading Video: This is a future to fight for