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Stop US aggression and war in Iran and Iraq

 Statement issued by the office of the Chairperson of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (Chairperson Len Cooper)

The International League of Peoples Struggles (ILPS) condemns United States imperialism’s latest act of aggression and war against Iran and Iraq.

The murder of General Qasem Soleimani of Iran, on Iraq soil, represents an arrogant act of murder by the US government and a blatant violation of international law and Iraqi sovereignty by US imperialism.

It is a direct attack on the workers and peoples of Iraq, Iran and the Middle East and a provocation, if not a declaration, of war that raises no less than the spectre of the start of another world war.

This is the latest culmination of the US’s decades of efforts to impose its imperialist will on the Middle East and to force the Iranian government to bow down in submission to its dictates in order to further carry out plunder in the region.

It is an attack on all peoples and governments of the world who are standing up for national sovereignty and self-determination against US imperialist dictates.

Timed by US president Donald Trump to influence impeachment proceedings against him and the upcoming US elections, this attack is a declaration of war that did not receive US Congress’ approval.

It is therefore illegal even by US imperialist laws, to use American poor and working-class youths as cannon fodder for a war that will serve only US imperialist interests and should hasten Trump’s downfall.

The ILPS fully supports the workers and people of the United States, Middle East, particularly of Iran and Iraq, and the world who are mobilising and protesting against this latest act of US imperialist aggression.

The ILPS calls on all ILPS organs and supporters, and the workers and people of the world to immediately mobilise, organise and protest against this latest outrage by US imperialism in the Middle East.

The ILPS strongly supports the following calls:

Stop the US war on Iran!
US troops out of Iraq and the Middle East!
Prosecute Trump for yet another cowardly, illegal drone murder of a citizen of another country!
Oppose US imperialist wars and aggression!
Down with US imperialism!

Video: Colombian general strike and unrest continues towards its third week

Anger continues to boil and there is no sign of the end to strike movement and protests that threaten the continuation of the president in office. Colombians are standing up despite the worst record of human rights abuses in South America.

The General Strike on 9 December
Video from AP Arc

Bolivia has not accepted the coup and continues to resist