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Murdoch’s Fox caught doctoring fake ‘riot’ pictures

The following article was republished in the New Daily (14 June 2020). The source is Associated Press. The name of the author is not provided. The article is noteworthy, as it provides details of Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News knowingly publishing fake photographs to back its portrayal of protests against the killing of George Floyd by police officers in Seatle, as violent and needing to be suppressed. Fox is the source of the fiction that armed gangs hare holding areas in American cities hostage terrorising inhabitants and demanding protection money, now making the rounds of social media. Bringing the truth to light is important.

Continue reading Murdoch’s Fox caught doctoring fake ‘riot’ pictures

Donald Trump’s isolation grows as Americans stay on the streets

By Jim Hayes

It seems that Donald Trump is becoming increasingly isolated as state governors, prominent military personnel, and even a growing proportion of Republican politicians, are either condemning or distancing themselves from his declaration of war against fellow citizen of the United Sates. Continue reading Donald Trump’s isolation grows as Americans stay on the streets

Events in the United State become increasingly sinister and protests begin in Australia

Joe Montero

The United States continues to be rocked by the consequences of the murder of George Floyd and pent up anger over other deep social and economic divisions. Curfews are failing to have an effect most of the time, and American society starts to propel towards rapid militarisation. Continue reading Events in the United State become increasingly sinister and protests begin in Australia

The war in West Papua is real and still going on

By Jim Hayes

Unknown to most Australians, a war is going on just north of Australia. Fuelling it, is a bid by West Papuans to win independence form Indonesian rule.

The war is intensifying. Civilian population centres are being subjected to bombing raids. Soldiers are picking up people and shooting them, and a range of other human rights abuses are being committed.

Indonesia has been maintaining a tight information lock down. Most media is forbidden access to West Papua and claims of abuse are routinely denied. But the smuggling out of video footage and other evidence can’t be stopped.

So far, Australia has seemed largely indifferent to what is going on. At the government level there is active cooperation with Indonesia. There is support for the occupation, which had been there for over 50 years. Indonesia claims that the population voted to become part of Indonesia in 1969. The problem with this is that barely 1,000 hand-picked individuals were allowed to vote. Integration has never been accepted.

This history and the war are largely blocked out of the Australian media. It brings up memories of earlier support for Indonesian occupation of West Timor. As a rule, Australians do not know what is going on.

Indonesian soldiers posing before a trophy kill

It seems access to the mineral reserves of West Papua rates greater importance than human rights.

The independence movement has been scoring significant diplomatic wins in recent times, and the internal insurgency continues. The different groups have been finding greater unity. Indonesia is reacting to both.

Try what they may, the Indonesian occupation army has been unable to subdue the population. Demonstrations, illegal Morning Star flag raising ceremonies, and ambushes are gathering pace.

A major tactic being used has to organise large scale migration of Indonesians into West Papua and offering wealth form developing the minerals industry, as a means to create a social base of support for ongoing integration with Indonesia.

The independence movement is striving to achieve its objective through peaceful means. It has also been clear abouts it intentention to conitnue to defend itself and the people it represents.

A Four Corners crew has been able to get rare access. It is worthwhile watching their report. You can see it below.

The War next door
Video from Foreign Correspondent

Australia cannot continue to ignore the plight of our next door neighbours, and has a responsibility to stop giving support to Indonesia’s occupation. After all Australia participated in having the territory handed over. This was wrong and calls to be rectified.

We once rose as a nation behind the people of East Timor. We can do it again for the people of West Papua.

Israeli’s annexation plans are entirely unacceptable to the world

By Adam Carlton

A United Nations (UN) human rights expert warned on 1 May, that the Israeli government’s plan to annex significant parts of the West Bank Palestinian territories and East Jerusalem, is going to undermine any prospect of a negotiated settlement and guarantee ongoing conflict. Continue reading Israeli’s annexation plans are entirely unacceptable to the world

Journalist John Rees describes ‘farcical’ experience of listening to Assange’s hearing by audio link

Unknown to most people in Australia, Julian Assange’s hearing in London resumed on 27 April via video link, because of the Covid-19 lock down. Judge Vanessa Baraitser had decided to start the second stage of the hearing on 18 May. The pandemic social distancing rule has got in the way, and the judge has had to postpone. In the following interview with Mohamed Elmaazi on Sputnik, made on the same day, author and active supporter of Julian Assange journalist, John Rees talks about the postponement, and the farce being carried out in the name of the law, a well as the push to have Julian released from prison as protection.  Before going to the interview, watch the following documentary. Continue reading Journalist John Rees describes ‘farcical’ experience of listening to Assange’s hearing by audio link

Video: How has Venezuela kept the spread of Covid-19 low and recorded few deaths?

Venezuela has been one of the most with the greatest success in combatting the Covid-19 pandemic. They have done better than other countries on the South American continent, and better than North America, Europe, Australian many other places. There have been far fewer deaths. Meanwhile Brazil on one side, and Colombia on the other, are the worst affected. This is remarkable, given the blockade being waged against Venezuela by the United Sates. And the resulting critical shortage of medicine. They did get some thanks to generous donations form Cuba and China. Then the United States set a naval armada to stop more coming in. It is still there. What is the secret? Early action, voluntary lock down and isolation, house to house mass tasting, mobilisation of the population and generous social subsidies.

Video from Tim Anderson